Plant Care

What is Plant Care?

Plant care is a comprehensive service designed to manage the health, structure, and appearance of plants to protect them from threatening pests and the bacteria that can cause diseases. Arbor Care's programs emphasize the importance of a healthy root structure and focus on proactively improving the condition and vigor of plants. As with all living things, they need the proper nutrients in order to become immune to a variety of diseases; even a healthy plant can succumb to an infestation. We develop an Integrated Pest Management Program that is specifically designed for each individual property. This method controls plant pests by combining biological, cultural, mechanical, physical, and/or chemical management strategies.

Why is Plant Care Needed?

Studies have shown that the landscape is one of the first recognizable features of any property. One that's well designed and maintained can add tremendous value to any home, but in order for homeowners to safeguard their investment, it's essential that they maintain the health and appearance of the trees and shrubs that make up that landscape. Remember, it is more cost effective to preserve the health and vigor of plants than it is to remove and replace them. This not only protects the investment, but it's beneficial overall to the landscape and the surrounding environment. Arbor Care has designed specific treatments and programs to cover all plant and tree care service needs. Below are potential problems that may arise:

  • Mature Plant Material: Just like humans, plants become more susceptible to disease as they grow older. Evaluating and treating mature trees requires a different process than that of an undeveloped tree. This may include deep-root feeding the tree with a specially designed fertilizer or a foliar spray injection.
  • New Construction: If a property has been constructed over the last 15 years, it's likely that the top soil has been stripped away and replaced with large amounts of compacted fill dirt. This dirt contains few nutrients, is not conducive to sustaining healthy plant material, and can cause multiple issues ranging from poor drainage to low pH levels. All these factors combined can result in the poor health or even death of the plant material itself.
  • Pre-Construction: Many people decide to build on wooded lots because they give homeowners the ability to integrate mature trees into the landscape. However, there is a high possibility that trees may be damaged during the clearing and construction of the property. The most critical damage is often unseen: the destruction of the fibrous roots. This causes trees to go into rapid decline, and if left untreated, many of them die before construction is even complete.
  • Declining Plant Material: Occasionally, homeowners may notice that some of the plant material appears to be struggling. This is the time to bring in the professionals at Arbor Care. Most of the stressed plant material is not noticed until it is in deep decline; therefore, the sooner evaluations can be done, the faster it can be assessed and any necessary treatment provided.

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We have used several lawn services since we retired to De. with varied results.  They all seem to have a one program fits all approach to their treatment schedules.
Finally we found Arborcare. Rich and Chad actually took the time to walk our property with us while listening to our concerns. They took soil samples and educated us on all the different aspects of keeping our lawn and shrubs healthy including proper irrigation.
They then developed a program unique to our property needs.

The results were excellent. They were always coming by to check and see if we had any concerns or if they thought any adjustments were needed to their program.

We highly recommend Arborcare and their hands on approach to making our property look its best.

- Mike and Mary Ann