First Heatwave of the Season

We are experiencing the first heatwave of the season with 90 degree temperatures.
The human body needs water and so does our plant material.

Holly Trees

Recently we have received quite a few calls from concerned homeowners and landscapers about holly trees. Some of the leaves are turning yellow and falling off of the trees. In some cases it appears that a large amount of the leaves are doing this and it is quite alarming to homeowners worried that their tree may be dying.


Although herbicides are sold over the counter there are still precautions homeowners should take when treating their property.

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Eastern Tent Caterpillars are now active. These Caterpillars typically become active the beginning of the spring season, middle to end of March and remain active until the end of the spring season near the end of May. They can be quite an eyesore and are harmful to the look of your beloved trees.


What is one thing almost every property has in common, no matter how simple or complex the landscape? Mulch. The type of mulch that is used on the other hand is wide ranging. Today we are going to only focus on two things because they often go hand in hand: died mulch and over mulching.

Buzz Buzz

Did you know that bees not only pollinate many of the fruits and vegetables we love but they also help your plants to become healthy and green. Allow bees to pollinate and try not to apply insecticides until flowers are out of bloom.