Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Eastern Tent Caterpillars are now active. These Caterpillars typically become active the beginning of the spring season, middle to end of March and remain active until the end of the spring season near the end of May. They can be quite an eyesore and are harmful to the look of your beloved trees.

What should you look for?

Eastern Tent Caterpillars create a webbing or nest in a variety of fruit based trees such as: Choke Cherry, Apple, Crabapple, Plum, Peach, Cherry and Pear trees.

What do they do?

The Tent Caterpillars main source of food are the leaves on the tree. The caterpillars will defoliate the tree causing it to become bare until the caterpillars are removed and the tree is able to recover and grow new leaves.

What can you do?

When treating tent caterpillars, you must break open the webbing in order for the chemicals to fully penetrate the nest and eliminate all caterpillars. If the tree is too tall or you are looking for a safer method to eliminate the caterpillars, the tree can be injected with specialized technology; which, our trained Arborists are able to offer.