Although herbicides are sold over the counter there are still precautions homeowners should take when treating their property.

  • Be mindful of the location you are spraying
  • Make sure the spray comes into direct contact with the weed you are attempting to eliminate
  • Be mindful of spraying in sidewalk cracks as the spray can bleed out onto nearby land and cause a bump in the lawn
  • Make sure you are spraying on a mild day when the wind will not blow the chemicals.
  • Never spray in excess amounts
  • If you use an abundant amount of spray in plant bads, the spray can leach into the soil and possibly cause damage to plant material.

If you are interested in a herbicide designed for organic gardening and a product that is readily biodegradeable, please contact us for our ready to use residential product.

These images are of footprints burned into the lawn after tracking herbicides such as Roundup through the healthy grass.