What is one thing almost every property has in common, no matter how simple or complex the landscape? Mulch. The type of mulch that is used on the other hand is wide ranging. Today we are going to only focus on two things because they often go hand in hand: died mulch and over mulching.

Dyed mulch is nice because the color of the mulch generally holds throughout the year. Dyed mulch also does not break down like natural mulch. However, the downside of that is that it does not break down; which means unless you remove it every year, your plants are going to end up suffocating under 4" of mulch. This brings us to our second focal point; over mulching. When mulching, it is important not to spread your mulch too thick. This is especially important around your plant material. When mulch is piled up around the base of a tree or plant it can greatly damage the plant or tree and leave it susceptible to disease and pests.