Plants need love too.

At Arbor Care, we strive to make every aspect of the homeowner's landscape look as vibrant and healthy as it possibly can. To help it reach its full potential, our certified arborists have designed specific, effective plant health care programs.

Why Do I Need Plant Care?

Studies have shown that the landscape is one of the first recognizable features of any property. One that's well designed and maintained can add tremendous value to any home, but in order for homeowners to safeguard their investment, it's essential that they maintain the health and appearance of the trees and shrubs that make up that landscape. Remember, it is more cost effective to preserve the health and vigor of plants than it is to remove and replace them. This not only protects the investment, but it's beneficial overall to the landscape and the surrounding environment. Arbor Care has designed specific treatments and programs to cover all plant and tree care service needs.


Safeguard Your Investment

Often the soil in which plants are planted, is unfeasible for success. Soil compaction, lack of soil nutrients, and poor planting practices are often found in new landscapes. Safeguard your investment with our healthy start program, designed to provide the essential nutrients that your landscaping requires to thrive.

Growing Your Investment

Immature plant material can quickly decline with a lack of proper nutrients. Soil health and root establishment are two key components required for plants to root and prosper. This stage is important to focus on establishing a plant's healthy root structure.

Protecting Your Investment

A healthy landscape is aesthetically pleasing and can increase your home's overall value, making it a vital asset to maintain. Let AC Plant and Turf protect your investment from pests and diseases. Our programs are designed to protect by providing the correct amount of nutrients at the precise quantities required by the plants.

Cherish Your Investment

Trees and shrubs are a generational investment. Maintaining the size, appearance, and overall health has been a dedication for the long-time homeowner. Our goal from the beginning is to ensure their longevity. Plant a tree today for someone else tomorrow.

Programs Designed To Fit Your Needs


The Works.

This is our most detailed program, and it's intended to give the homeowner peace of mind about the health of their landscape all year long. Each month, our plant technician visits, evaluates, and creates a plan for effective treatment. 


For Every Season.

Divided into four treatments (spring, early summer, mid/late summer, and fall), and it's intended to cover basic plant needs over the year. Each treatment is thoughtfully designed to coincide with the seasonal climate of the customer's local region. All plant material is evaluated four times per year and will receive a fertilizer application in the spring and fall. The two summer treatments are aimed at covering basic pest and fungi problems. In some cases, an additional treatment may be necessary to meet specific needs.

Tru Organic

Eco-Friendly Treatments.

We fully understand the importance of keeping our planet as healthy as possible. In fact, this is one of the reasons Arbor Care was founded: We strive to be leaders in our industry when it comes to protecting the Earth. Most of the products we use are environmentally friendly; however, in extreme conditions we may need to use chemical alternatives. But if a homeowner wishes to use organic tree care, the programs are tailored to fit their unique needs for organic turf as well.

Our mission is to make your plants, trees, and lawn as healthy and vibrant as they can be. Not sure what program is right for you? Send us a message and one of our plant care specialists will help you decide.

Bed Pre Emergent Program

Prepare your landscaping beds to fight back weeds all season long.

Everybody hates weeds.

Arbor Care's bed pre-emergent program is designed to give the homeowner a peace of mind when it comes to the number of undesirable weeds emerging in the landscaping beds throughout the season. Our four-step liquid application process starts in the spring after all the landscaping beds have been weeded and mulched. The entire program hinges on starting clean for the season, meaning the beds are weed free. It is important to note that this program does not control weeds that are already present. Below are some of the benefits of using a bed pre-emergent program:

  • The most effective way of controlling unwanted and unsightly weeds.
  • Poses no danger to desirable plants. (We ask if you are planning to plant annuals in certain beds to notify us before we start the program. Some annuals can be sensitive to the products used)
  • Reduces the amount of weed killers that could potentially be used to control weeds.
  • Less labor throughout the season.

Ready to get started?

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