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AC Plant & Turf is a plant diagnostics and treatment company that specializes in creating an unparalleled environment for your trees and shrubs, as well as providing expert analysis on tree care and the improvement of today's arboriculture.

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Tree Consultations to Ensure Continued Health

AC Plant & Turf specializes in tree care diagnostics, treatments, and creating an unparalleled environment for continued tree and shrub growth. Our expert analysis on tree management includes knowledge of local ecosystems and the improvements of today's arboriculture. We see how trees perform in various locations every day, so we know the importance of the right plant in the right place.

Healthy trees are happy trees.

Our certified, professional arborists know how much your trees mean to you. Unfortunately, through natural causes including pests, infections, and nutrient deficiencies, trees aren't always as healthy as they can be. Using state-of-the-art plant science, we can diagnose and treat trees that need some extra help. We also have technology to protect trees from ever being harmed in the first place. For example, our Winter Shield treatment protects trees and shrubs from harsh weather. 

Whether you need help with trees that aren't looking their best, or want to keep your trees looking great, AC Plant & Turf can help.


Trees In Decline

Occasionally, homeowners may notice that some of their trees appear to be struggling. This is the time to bring in the professionals at Arbor Care. Most of the stress trees experience is not noticed until it is in deep decline; therefore, the sooner evaluations can be done, the faster it can be assessed and any necessary treatment provided.

Pre Construction

Many people decide to build on wooded lots because they give homeowners the ability to integrate mature trees into the landscape. However, there is a high possibility that trees may be damaged during the clearing and construction of the property. The most critical damage is often unseen: the destruction of the fibrous roots. This causes trees to go into rapid decline, and if left untreated, many of them die before construction is even complete.

New Construction

If a property has been constructed over the last 15 years, it's likely that the top soil has been stripped away and replaced with large amounts of compacted fill dirt. This dirt contains few nutrients, is not conducive to sustaining healthy plant material, and can cause multiple issues ranging from poor drainage to low pH levels. All these factors combined can result in the poor health or even death of the plant material itself.

Mature Plant Material

Just like humans, plants become more susceptible to disease as they grow older. Evaluating and treating mature trees requires a different process than that of an undeveloped tree. This may include deep-root feeding the tree with a specially designed fertilizer or a foliar spray injection.

New Install

Newly planted trees require professional care to ensure health for years to come. Healthy foundations and soil lead to healthy roots which leads to healthy trees you can be proud of.

Tree Injection Technologies

Tree trunk injection is the wave of the future, and it's a safer, more efficient treatment process than the traditional spray method.

Tree Injection 1

The New Wave of Treatment

In the past, plant care companies had limited options when treating larger, more mature trees declining from tree diseases or insect infestation. Now, with the help of innovative technology, there are alternative treatment methods. The tree trunk injection is the wave of the future, and it's a safer, more efficient treatment process than the traditional spray method. This technology gives the certified arborist the capability to insert the desired treatment directly into the vascular layer of the tree, allowing the natural uptake through its xylem vascular tissue and doing away with any threat. This method is quickly becoming the most popular method of treatment for larger trees in both residential and urban areas. Plus, by teaming up with Arbor Jet, Mauget and Tree Tech, leaders in trunk injection equipment and chemicals, AC Plant & Turf can diagnose and treat specific tree diseases.

Tree Injection 34

Pesticide Injections

Some pests like Emerald Ash Borers, Pine Bark Beetles, and Ambrosia Beetles get into the bark and suck or eat the vascular cambium layer of the tree. Injecting the systemic insecticide into the vascular tissue of the tree kills the pests within and can set a barrier for future pests that prevents re-entry.

Tree Injection 2

Fungicide Injections

Like humans, trees are susceptible to infection. Whether from climate, pests or unstable root structures, a diseased tree needs specific treatment. Most diseases such as Root Rot, Anthracnose, Sudden Oak Death, and Shot Hole can be cured with a specially formulated fungicide injection.

Tree Injection 2

Iron Deficiancy Injections

When trees or shrubs have an iron deficiency, they can become susceptible to iron chlorosis. This condition is easily recognizable due to the leaves turning yellow or white and possibly having scorch burn around the edges. Injecting an iron enrichment treatment will provide the tree with the proper nutrients and eliminate the deficiency altogether.

Tree Spray Science

Horticultural (or mineral) oil is an effective and ecologically friendly way to prevent mites and other pests from eating or sucking at trees and shrubs.

Eco-Friendly spray protections

Spraying trees and shrubs is a great way to protect your landscaping against pests, infections and harsh weather. Our certified arborists are able to diagnose what your trees need to be their absolute best, and apply eco-friendly sprays that are safe to people and pets as well!

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Horticultural (or mineral) oil is an effective and ecologically friendly way to prevent mites and other pests from eating or sucking at trees and shrubs. This oil-based spray pesticide was originally used on fruit trees in their dormant season to kill pests like aphids and mites, while still preserving the ability of bees to pollinate during the spring and summer months. Even though this is a pesticide and should always be used according to the label's instructions, horticultural oil is considered safe for use around humans and pets, making it one of the most organic treatment options that we offer.

Air Spading

Air Spading is an effective technique for enriching the soil and promoting healthy growth in your trees. We use a special technique for injecting air into the soil to reduce compaction, provide aeration, and make it easier for water and nutrients to reach the roots of your trees. It is non-invasive and doesn't require any chemicals.

winter shield program

Shield Your Trees From Harsh Weather

Blustery winds and low temperatures can be harsh on plants. This is especially true with evergreen trees and shrubs, which go through the winter months with their foliage intact but continually losing moisture. This is known as winter burn or winter injury. Winter burn (or desiccation) is a dehydration of the plant due to the loss of water from the leaves through transpiration. Our affordable Winter Shield Treatment is designed to protect evergreen trees and shrubs from winter damage.

All evergreens will be treated with an anti-desiccant spray, which adds a protective waxy coating to the tops and undersides of the leaves of broadleaf evergreens to help slow the process. This allows more water to be stored in the plant's leaves and stems, preventing them from drying out. These anti-desiccants will gradually wash away, so by the time spring arrives, they'll be completely worn off, and the evergreens will be able to absorb moisture again naturally.

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