Whether you want to ensure the survival of your new plantings or promote the longevity of your existing trees and shrubs, AC Plant & Turf’s Healthy Start Application is an invaluable tool with far-reaching benefits to the landscape’s overall health.

The application involves a carbon-rich, organic liquid compost that is minimally processed to preserve trace, humic, and fulvic acids, along with numerous species of beneficial fungi and bacteria. Simply put, it is a multivitamin with probiotics and a carrier that maximizes health and nutrient uptake.

The roots are the most vital part of plant health since they hold nutrient reserves protecting the leaves during high stress. A plant can defoliate in Summer, but it is the roots that allow them to grow back. Roots will only be as healthy as the soil they grow in, and poor soil quality is endemic to our area.

Healthy Start Applications focuses on the soil by offering more significant quantities of humic and fulvic acids than traditional composts. They are the active ingredients of organic matter that have immediate and long-lasting benefits to plant and soil health. Where organic matter decays and becomes inert within 10 years, humic and fulvic acids stick around for centuries.

This treatment is as close to injecting life into plants as it gets. Beneficial microbes form relationships with the roots to improve nutrient availability and uptake. The humic and fulvic acids are chemically attracted to root zones and balance soil conditions. Trace elements provide the actual nutrients for growth. Combined, the Healthy Start Application offers:

  • Enhanced nutrient uptake allows plants to better tolerate drought, cold, heat, wind, flooding, and toxins.
  • Improved soil structure improves drainage, water and nutrient-holding capacity, and stress tolerance.
  • A stable population of beneficial organisms that promote deep, fibrous root systems and make plants more resilient to pests and disease.
  • Reduced transplant shock, even if the new plant must be moved again or another plant is put in its place.
  • Improved efficacy of pesticides, soil amendments, and fertilizers.
  • Enhanced biodiversity by creating a more favorable environment for wildlife helps offset pests and environmental stress.
  • Greater carbon sequestration, which offsets global warming and other environmental stress.
  • A complete breakdown of thatch, leaves, and mulch to quickly integrate them into the soil instead of forming a mat that water struggles to penetrate.

In summary, Healthy Start Applications are a holistic way to promote vitality and sustainability in your landscape. It is an organic method of reducing pest pressure and environmental stress, which leads to pests. No matter the soil or plant species, please consider offering them a wealth of health with AC Plant & Turf’s Healthy Start Application.