Bagworms are mostly found on conifer trees (Leyland Cypress, Arborvitae, Juniper, Cedar, etc.) and will do deadly damage to these trees. These caterpillars create a silk and evergreen foliage cocoon that can easily blend into a tree. Bagworms hatch around mid-June (depending on the region’s growing degree days) and extend their feeding season over a six-to-eight-week time frame.

Bagworms start as a small worm and bag called a “dunce cap”. As they continue to feed, both get bigger. If left uncontrolled, they can not only wipe out an entire tree, but an entire row of trees. Control for this pest can be provided by spraying a contact insecticide to the tree, after they hatch, which the bagworms ingest causing them to eventually decease. In addition, handpicking what you can off your tree can help prevent further reproduction of the pest.

Attached, you will find two photos: the first photo shows the current size of bagworms and the second shows them fully mature. If you inspect your conifer trees and find either of these two sized cocoons hanging, you will want to get them treated. Our AC Plant team will be treating for this pest all of July, we do not perform this service until after the bagworms hatch.

The good news: If you are already on a plant care program you are covered during our monthly and quarterly treatments.

If you’re interested in a plant care program or want to discuss a bagworm treatment cost, please give our knowledgeable sales representative, Gannon, a call at 302-945-8450 ext. 4.