Recently we have received quite a few calls from concerned homeowners and landscapers about holly trees.


Some of the leaves are turning yellow and falling off of the trees. In some cases it appears that a large amount of the leaves are doing this and it is quite alarming to homeowners worried that their tree may be dying.


Do not let this ruin your day, in most cases this is perfectly normal and common this time of year (April/May). Even though hollies are evergreens they still lose some of their leaves annually. Sometimes this happens very slow in the spring and is not noticeable but when the weather turns warm quickly the process accellerates and the leaves will it shed rapidly. A majority of the yellowing leaves are concentrated on the interior of the holly. If the rest of the tree is in good health and has good color do not be alarmed.


So when should you be concerned? If the entire tree starts to look stressed or coloric (more yellow or green). This means the tree is lacking nutrients and most likely is in some form of decline. This can easily be treated and the holly should recover quickly. The other issue may be a pest such as scale damaging the tree. This can also be treated. If you are unsure it is always better to check with a certified arborist.